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At Experientia, we take great pride in our excellent workmanship, competitive fees, and the ability to deliver outstanding results. Since our founding, we’ve worked hard toward building and maintaining a stellar reputation as a leading design and build collective.
We provide our clients with a wide range of design and build contracting services for all their projects. No matter what your spatial design project requirement might be, our team of professionals work day and night to bring your project to life. We want to take this opportunity to know more about you.

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Experientia is a world-class design and build creative experience agency. We are a true multidisciplinary agency working closely together with our partners around the globe, creating world-class and meaningful brand experiences. From Exhibitions, Interiors and Environment we provide a full turn key approach for you to tell your story. Get in touch and let us know how we can support with your project.

From receiving the brief to the physical execution and hand over we take a customized approach for every project. Understanding the core requirements for the given project are essential for us to visualize your story and vision behind the brand identity. We are proud that our step by step process is well received by our clients and we thank them for their continuous support along the way for us to do what we do best.

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Our range of sectors cover everything from indoor and outdoor furniture to lighting, flooring, kitchen, and bathroom, fit-out and much more in interior design.

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The Gulf Food Manufacturing 2023, hailed as the epitome of food tech manufacturing events, promises an immersion into the future of food processing and manufacturing. From breakthrough technologies to novel ingredients, this event serves as a catalyst for innovation in the food industry. This year, Experientia Live is set to revolutionize the narrative with an exceptional brand activation in partnership with Azelis.

Experientia Live: Pioneering the Experience

Experientia Live stands at the forefront of experiential design and execution. With a portfolio of exceptional projects and a penchant for crafting immersive experiences, they are poised to transform the way brands engage with their audience. Their expertise in exhibition stand design and execution has earned them a reputation for delivering experiences that leave a lasting impact.

Azelis: Catalysts of Culinary Creations

Azelis, a global leader in the distribution of specialty chemicals and food ingredients, has been driving innovation in the food industry for decades. Their commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions and ingredients has made them an invaluable partner for manufacturers, offering a gateway to novel taste experiences and functional food formulations.

The Collaboration: Fusing Expertise for Impact

The partnership between Experientia Live and Azelis for Gulf Food Manufacturing 2023 is more than just a collaboration; it’s a fusion of visionary thinking, design brilliance, and culinary expertise. Together, they aim to create an immersive brand activation that not only showcases Azelis’ diverse product range but also exemplifies the future of food tech manufacturing.

Key Highlights of the Brand Activation

Innovative Stand Design: Experientia Live, renowned for their innovative approach to stand design, will craft a space that not only captures attention but also provides an interactive and informative experience for visitors.

Product Showcases: Azelis will unveil a curated selection of their latest and most groundbreaking products, giving attendees a firsthand look at the future of food ingredients.

Culinary Demonstrations: Live cooking demonstrations using Azelis’ cutting-edge ingredients will not only tantalize taste buds but also exemplify the practical applications of their offerings.

Engaging Workshops: Educational workshops on food technology and ingredient functionalities will be conducted, offering invaluable insights for industry professionals.

Networking Opportunities: The activation will serve as a hub for industry professionals, fostering connections and collaborations that have the potential to shape the future of food manufacturing.

The Impact: Shaping the Future of Food Tech

Through this dynamic collaboration, Experientia Live and Azelis aim to leave an indelible mark on Gulf Food Manufacturing 2023. By pushing the boundaries of conventional brand activations, they aspire to inspire innovation, foster meaningful connections, and ultimately, contribute to the evolution of the food tech manufacturing landscape.